We got our first seed funding from The Danish Maritime Fund


We are incredibly proud of having been awarded our first seed funding from the Danish Maritime Fund. 

The Danish Maritime Fund is a private, for profit Foundation, which was founded in 2005 in connection with the restructuring of the Danish Ship Credit Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to economically support initiatives that help further a positive Development of the Danish shipping industry and / or the Danish shipyard industry, with the goal of creating new jobs and strengthening the industry internationally. The Fund supports, inter alia:

  • Activities within future methods of making more effective, optimise, automate and digitalise the maritime sector
  • Activities which contribute to the green transition of Blue Denmark
  • Activities in the maritime sector which support the 17 UN Development Goals, for instance environment, climate, circularity, innovation, education and equal opportunity

Our ideas exactly target innovation and improvement within those areas, and it is particularly welcome that we have received support from the fund which most directly and specifically deals with the maritime sector. For us, it is a strong endorsement of our ideas and their potential, when such a specialised fund chooses to support us.

Read more about the seed funding we received (in Danish) here: Start-up vil sikre ansvarligt skibsophug ved hjælp af kunstig intelligens og blockchain (dendanskemaritimefond.dk)

Read more about the Danish Maritime Fund here: English (dendanskemaritimefond.dk)

We are very grateful for the trust shown us by The Danish Maritime Fund, and we very much look forward to cooperating for the good of Blue Denmark.