In June 2023, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) published a remarkable report on green steel and shipping which explores the material flow of steel and potential for green steel in the shipping sector.

Having covered why we have founded Renable, and whether a demand for our solution exists, there remains for us to set out what impact we might expect from our novel approach to the optimisation of ship recycling.

The market for ship recycling is expected to grow from currently 6-7 million tonnes per year to around 28 million tonnes per year in the 2030'ies, as illustrated in this graph:

The Government of Denmark on 30 May made a commitment to tendering up to 14 GW of offshore wind power, to be in operation by 2030. This tremendous expansion of Denmark's electricity generation capacity goes far beyond Denmark's current electricity needs.

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammer Hamburg) has initiated an event called the Nordic Startup Challenge. The event will take place in Hamburg on 11 through 13 September 2023. The focus of the challenge is Coastal Economy & Logistics, and the host is the strong and influential maritime community of Hamburg.

Copenhagen this week has been positively buzzing with the great and good from Denmark and the world, participating at two highly topical events taking place at the same time.

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a Letter of Intent with highly innovative Floating Power Plant.We hope - and will do our very best to ensure - that this will be the beginning of a long and beautiful partnership.

If someone produces and/or imports and/or remote sells within the EU any product that contains just a bit of electrical or electronic parts, then that someone is in all probability subject to the EU's Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, in common parlance somewhat unfortunately called the "WEEE Directive".

Why we do it


"Earth Overshoot Day" this year fell on July 28. It is designed to illustrate when mankind has used the Earth's sustainable resources within a given year.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded funding from the Danish Innovation Fund's Innobooster initiative.