LOI med Floating Power Plant


Vi er begejstrede for at kunne annoncere, at vi har underskrevet en hensigtserklæring med yderst innovative Floating Power Plant.Vi håber - og vil gøre vores allerbedste for at sikre - at dette bliver begyndelsen på et langt og smukt partnerskab.

We are excited to announce that Renable ApS (Renable – www.renable.eu) has entered into a Letter of Intent with Denmark-based Floating Power Plant A/S (FPP – www.floatingpowerplant.com), with the intention that Renable will supply FPP with sustainable steel for FPP's future needs.

Renable is thrilled to join forces with highly innovative FPP, which has developed a unique, patented technology harvesting the limitless wind and wave energy of the ocean, to help drive the renewable energy transition forward. FPP is commercializing its technology initially for dispatchable power-applications such as off-grid Power-2-X applications for different markets such as islands, oil and gas installations etc. This is made possible by the combination of wind and wave and the possibility of green offshore hydrogen production on the floating platform as well.

»We care a lot about the climate and reducing the CO2-emissions involved with the production and lifecycle of our technology is important to us. When we can choose sustainability at competitive prices, it just makes sense,« says Anders Køhler, CEO of FPP.

Under the Letter of Intent, Renable will as an outset supply FPP with the recycled steel needed for FPPs' first full-scale commercial demonstration project off the Canary Islands, ensuring that FPP can develop this project with a reduced climate impact compared to using normal steel.

Renable looks forward to working with FPP and to exploring new opportunities to innovate and drive progress in circular economy.